Protect, share, and monitor your documents securely anywhere

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Why SkyDRM?
Make sure sensitive files don’t end up in the wrong hands!
Use digital rights to
securely share files
with anyone anywhere!
Persistent protection for your files regardless of where they go or who has them.
Protect documents
across multiple
cloud repositories
Unified document security service to protect and manage documents stored in the cloud.
Access files managed in a
document vault
from any device
Centrally manage and track the critical documents and sensitive files you’ve shared.
Revoke, track and monitor
of your documents
Safeguard documents by tracking where they go, who is using them, and how they’re being used.
SkyDRM enables you to apply digital rights to securely share files from various platforms. Download SkyDRM specific for your platform by clicking MOBILE (Android and iOS), WINDOWS (32-bit and 64-bit), or MAC.

Windows 32 Bit

Windows 64 Bit